Yoga Consent Chips by Jen Whittemore

I’ve been working on my 200 hour yoga teacher training and one of the topics we’ve been discussing is respecting a student’s wish to be/not be touched for alignment or adjustment purposes.  Physical adjustments made by an instructor to a student are a customary part of most classes.  While the intention of assisting a student is meant to provide feedback and attention, it can also be uncomfortable, intrusive, or even feel threatening to some.  If a student does not wish to be adjusted, it needs to be conveyed to the teacher in a private way.  One way is to use “consent chips” which are placed at the front of your yoga mat:  one side turned up indicates yes, adjust; the other side, no touchy.

Yoga Consent Chips_Full Layout.jpg

These “chips” can be purchased online for anywhere from 30-$50!  Being the authentic scrapper I am, I inspected them and said, “Heck, I can make those!”  Enter the Oh Sh!t stamp set from Kelly Purkey Shop!  I immediately looked at this set and thought, I can use these as the “no” side of the chips and customize the other to whatever design I want.  I picked a few mandala images off the internet and set out to print them off.

Yoga Consent Chips_Detail 1.jpg

I created a layout in Photoshop using the mandalas, 12 images fit to an 8.5 x 11 page.  I printed them on colored cardstock and punched them out using a 2.5” circle punch.  To increase the durability, I also punched out white 2.5” circles from thick white cardstock.  After stamping combination sayings using the “Oh Sh!t” set on the white cardstock, I glued them to the mandala colored cardstock circles.  Setting them in between pages of a book ensured they dried flat.  I’m considering laminating them at a later date. 

Yoga Consent Chips_Detail 2.jpg

My favorite part of this project was making the chips my own.  I was able to pick the cardstock color, images, and combine stamps for varied fun looks.  I’m so happy with how these turned out because they’re unique and comical.  Come on, who can’t help but smile while looking at “oh poop”?!?

Yoga Consent Chips_Detail 3.jpg

I hope this project idea inspires you to craft and create outside the box!  Stamps are always versatile and never have to be restricted to just scrapbook or traveler’s notebook layouts.  How about making a card for a friend?  Place cards for a family dinner?  Party favors?  Use your imagination!  I challenge you to stretch the use of your products J  And as always, thank you for stopping by to check out my creations!

Products Used: Oh Sh!t Stamp set

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