May Guest Designer - Tracy Armstrong

May Guest Designer - Tracy Armstrong


We are very happy to introduce our guest designer for the May release, Tracy Armstrong. We love how Tracy incorporates bits of everyday life mixed in with bits of pop culture. Her albums are mini time capsules that are so fun to look at so we are excited to share two of her Project Life spreads with you.

But before we do that we asked Tracy a few questions about her scrapbooking history and her design aesthetic so we can all get to know her a little bit better.

 How long have you been scrapbooking and what is your history with the craft?

I started scrapbooking in 2012 with an art journal. Pocket scrapbooking was just starting to become a thing and products were very hard to come by in Canada. I decided that for 2013 I would start pocket scrapbooking if I could stick with my art journal. I have a tendency to start projects and never finish them. I ended up loving the art journal and completed my entire 2013 album - I was hooked! I used to work on my album every week but now I've gone to scrapbooking once a month. I actually think I have an easier time putting my pages together when I'm "behind" on my album. 

What are your favorite types of projects that you like to make?

Pocket scrapbooking is definitely my go-to project. I've tried making mini-albums or using traveler's notebooks, but they just don't work for me. My life is pretty quiet so I don't often have a lot of exciting events to cover. Documenting my everyday life is more my speed because it allows me to include all the big and little moments all together. 

Do you like to scrapbook certain types of stories?

As mentioned above, I like documenting all the big and little things together. If I got away on a trip, I'll document it with a few pages in my album or if Sophie does something cute, I'll had a photo and small write-up about that. No story is too big or too little to be included in my album. Looking through each of my albums over the past 6 years really captures how my life was at that moment.

What is your go to style of scrapbooking?

My scrapbooking style has evolved over the years. Looking back at my first album (2013) I documented every-single-thing and ended up filling three (3!!) 12x12 albums over the course of that year. I live in a small apartment, so space-wise, that was going to need to change. in 2014 I switched down to 6x8, which might be my favorite size ever. I definitely try to keep things simple now. I have a main stash of supplies and work with and I don't overthink when I create. 

What is your scrapbooking philosophy? 

I scrapbook because I want to capture all the little things in life that we normally wouldn't take notice of and simply forget. In 20 years, I want to remember the way Sophie used to push the blankets around so she could sleep in a little donut. We are always growing and changing and I think scrapbooking is a great way to capture who you are at that time. Who i was and things I liked in 2013 are not necessarily things I like now in 2018. Not to mention, it's crazy to see how you change as a person. Looking back, I laugh at some of the things I wore or how I did my hair. I think it's important to remember these things.

We couldn't agree more Tracy, looking back is the best part of documenting your life. 

Now its time to turn this over to Tracy to let her walk you thru the two projects that she made.


Hey there! My name is Tracy and I'm thrilled to be this months guest designer! Some of you may remember me from the 2015 Studio Calico creative team or you may know me from Instagram, but for more recent scrapbookers, you might have never heard of me so hello! I live in Vancouver, Canada with my dog Sophie where we live a low-key quiet life in the big city. I drink too much coffee, listen to music too loudly, and stay home on Friday nights. My favourite place in the entire world is Disneyland (New York City is a close second). Since I'm single with no kids, my projects are all about me (and my dog). I cherish this time because - hopefully - someday, I'll have projects filled with my future husband and future kids, so right now I love that my albums are all about me!


For my project, I wanted to share one of the spreads from my pocket page album. This is the first time since 2013 that I've done 12x12 and I'll be honest, it's a bit overwhelming! I've done almost all the sizes out there and 6x8 and 6x12 (thanks, Kelly!) have definitely been my favourite. I turned 30 this year and had always planned to use 12x12 for "big years". One reason why I adore 6x8 so much is the ability I have to include full sized photos. The perk of 12x12 though, is how much space you have to play around! As you can see, I printed out a 6x8 photo and cut it to fit into the pocket page configuration. A tip to have your pages flow together is to put your photos into the pockets first, then look through your journal/filler cards and pull out the ones that match with the colours in your photos. In my spread, there were a lot of greens, blues and pinks, so I worked with those colours of cards. 


I loved this Highline alphabet stamp, so I stamped out the title of the month onto this awesome pink and white card from the Hold On main kit. I work in months, not weeks because I find it easier to compile my spreads once I have all my photos together. Another tip I have is to make the cards work for you! I like cutting up my cards to make them work in my layouts. I thought the "everything is going to be okay" card worked well with the "yes!" one, so I cut up the 3x4 card and adhered it to the 4x6 one. It's a great reminder to myself, especially when things might not be going so well. 


For my next spread, I wanted to really focus on The Royal Wedding. I'm sure a lot of people are tired of hearing about it, but not me! I've always been a fan of the Royal family and I think it's because they remind me of my grandmother, as she was always a fan of them. For this spread, I used a mixture of the Flower Shop Traveler's Notebook kit and bits from the main May Kit - Hold On. The kits are filled with such bright colours that they really make the spreads pop!


This spread is a great example of taking your supplies and making them work for you. Not many people might think to use a Traveler's Notebook kit in their pocket page album, but if you've got the supplies - use them! The floral stamps in this kit were great to tie in with all the flowers from the wedding and paired with the bright coloured Kelly Purkey inks, it screams spring. 


The rainbow filler card was a great addition to tie in all the other colours that I used in the spread. As mentioned above, I think that making sure your colours compliment your photos is key to creating a cohesive looking layout. If you have a photo that you want to include but you don't think it will work with your other photos, why not make it black and white! Some pictures look stunning when they are changed to black and white. And bonus! You don't have to worry about them competing with your other pictures. 


Thank you for taking the time to look through my album with me! I had a great time working with these kits and I hope it'll inspire you to get out your supplies and work on your own album! Feel free to head over to my Instagram account to take a look at what's going on in my life, more puppy pictures and some other pages from my album! 


Thank you so much for being our guest designer this month Tracy, we loved having you and we loved sharing your two spreads!

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