Baltimore Road Trip by Anja Wade

Baltimore Road Trip by Anja Wade

Please make sure you Hey there! It’s Anja. Today I’m sharing a project I put together with some of the travel-themed items from this month’s shop release. I was so excited when I saw these kits – I LOVE the rainbow colors, and I knew they’d be perfect to document a recent weekend in Baltimore.


I usually start my layouts with the pictures, but when I was putting this spread together, I actually started by picking out my favorite cards from the main kit. Of course, I had to use all the rainbow stripes, and that rainbow burst is my absolute fave this month, so I put it right in the center of the left page. I also chose three journaling cards, because I knew I’d want to add a bunch of notes and details on the trip.


Sometimes, just to mix things up, I like to arrange some of the text vertically rather than horizontally. I used letter stickers to include details – the city name and a concert we attended – vertically on a couple of the cards. I also stamped some phrases onto vellum and placed the vellum strips vertically on some of my photos. I love typing and stamping on vellum – I really like the semi-transparent look I get when I place it over a photo.


To create the Road Trip card, I stamped the word a few times, in both black and orange ink, offsetting the text slightly to give a bit of a 3D effect. Then I cut the words out and stitched them to the top of a journaling card.

A couple times, in putting this layout together, I wanted to include only part of a stamp. I masked off part of a stamp with scrap paper, so I could include the north/south/east/west check boxes without the text that appeared above it on the stamp, since the text I omitted would have been redundant on the card.


I also masked another stamp so I could include the word “details” on a journaling card. The full stamp says “travel details”, but since the card already says “travelogue”, I didn’t want to include the word “travel” again. Remember, you can always use scrap paper to mask off portions of stamps to tailor them to your needs.


I decided that the 6x4 journaling card with four boxes would be the perfect spot to list my favorite things about the trip, so I numbered the boxes and used letter stickers to write FAVES on the card.


I’m pretty excited about working with 9x12 pocket pages. I’m fairly new to this format, and it gave me so much room to add details about this trip. It’s the perfect size to document a weekend getaway!


I know you guys are going to love using this month’s kits to document your travels and adventures!

Products used: Road Trip main kit, Travel Favorites Travelers Notebook kitAt the Coast Stamp SetWalking On Sunshine Stamp Set

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Travel Details: PNW by Jaime Waters

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June Shop Update: Preorder Sold Out stamp sets